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Linda in Wonderland

Oh Bother...

Name: Linda
Age: 26
Gender: i'm a girl

How many stampings have you had at [Bad username: poohbearcorner]? zero

RESTAMPS ONLY: Why do you feel that you are not the character you were stamped as?

Likes: history, daydreaming, creative stuff, visiting new places, rockconcerts, cats
Dislikes garlic, violence, hatred, macho attitudes, barking dogs, hypocrisy
Hobbies: reading, writing, knitting, travelling, going to concerts
Favorite color: today it's purple, but it varies a lot
What are you afraid of? big groups of intimidating teenagers in front of my building, rejection, failure
Who is your favorite character and why? It used to be Eeyore for the sarcasm, but nowadays i'm more into Piglet since he's SOOO sweet and adorable ^^
Who is your least favorite character and why? Rabbit, because i know people who are like that, SO annoying!

Favorite Quote, lyric, or saying and why?
"The only way to get rid of tempation is to yield to it" by Oscar Wilde, since i don't believe in supressing your feelings being very healthy.

What are some of your best qualities? good listener, optimistic, strong, intelligent, funny
Your worst? i exxagerate, worry too much, clumsy, have big moodswings, smartass at times

For this section, please try to pick one or the other, not both!
Optimistic or Pessimistic? optimistic
Mature or Immature? mature
Leader or follower? follower
Outgoing or shy? shy
Act on impulse or think things through? think things through
Passive or Aggressive? passive
Hyper, calm, or normal? calm

What color do you think relates most to you and why? green. i'm not sure why. maybe the connection to nature or that many strange things are green, eh.

Your goal in life? I live life day by day and don't really have a longterm goal, i want to feel happy NOW, and although i do plan things like trips etc, i don't have major realistic dreams.

If you could become any character from the series, which would you want to be and why? Tigger because i'd like to be more outgoing with people. Well, i am now with close friends, but i'm so much more reserved with strangers.

If you were in the Hundred Acre Woods, which of the characters would you be most likely to make friends with and why?
Probably Piglet because i get along very well with shy people since they somehow like talking to me. And i like the fact that I can feel relaxed around them.

Description of your personality: I'm a dreamer, a perfectionist, i have fantastic dreams but keep them most for myself. Openminded, curious, geeky, sensitive, sort of an outcast, and very ambivalent in every aspect of my life. That's why i had trouble with filling in the "pick one" section in this application since i can be both of anything in various situations.

How did you find this community? by looking for stamping communities
Anything else? Nah, that's it :)
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