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Oh, Bother!

Name: Julianne
Age: 14
Gender: Female

How many stampings have you had at poohbearcorner? Absolutely none.

RESTAMPS ONLY: Why do you feel that you are not the character you were stamped as?

Likes: Rain, Computer Graphics, Crayola crayons, iced lattes with no sugar, and Katharine Hepburn.
Dislikes Being hungry, having dry hands, and Oscar Meyer hot dogs.
Hobbies: Computer graphics design, writing, being read to, and reading.
Favorite color: Purple
What are you afraid of? Woozles and the dark.
Who is your favorite character and why? Pooh! He has some the greatest lines, and, he's just.. so.. Pooh!
Who is your least favorite character and why? I love them all!

Favorite Quote, lyric, or saying and why? "Life is hard. After all, it kills you." -- Katharine Hepburn

What are some of your best qualities? Ummm... I'm witty and creative.
Your worst? I'm terribly shy, and hate starting conversations with people I don't know very well.

For this section, please try to pick one or the other, not both!
Optimistic or Pessimistic? Optimistic
Mature or Immature? Mature
Leader or follower? Follower
Outgoing or shy? Shy
Act on impulse or think things through? Think things through, but I do have a spontaneous side!
Passive or Aggressive? Passive
Hyper, calm, or normal? Normal

What color do you think relates most to you and why? Hmmm... probably yellow. I'm almost always happy.

Your goal in life? To become a Computer Graphics Designer, and get a bachelors degree in film history.

If you could become any character from the series, which would you want to be and why? Probably Piglet, the loyal sidekick. Plus, he's seriously awesome.
If you were in the Hundred Acre Woods, which of the characters would you be most likely to make friends with and why? All of them. Seriously.

Description of your personality: Quiet, shy, nerdy, and witty among people I know really well.

How did you find this community? By means of an LJ search.
Anything else? Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! :)
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