Chloe (riverofglass) wrote in poohbearcorner,

Oh Bother

Name: Chloe
Age: 15
Gender: Girl

How many stampings have you had at [info]poohbearcorner? None.


RESTAMPS ONLY: Why do you feel that you are not the character you were stamped as? N/A

Likes: Glitter, pink, gold, silver, bunnies, vanilla, milkshakes, Lucky Charms, shopping, gossip, talking
Dislikes: Discrimination, whiners, Debbie Downers, arrogance
Hobbies: Talking to people, shopping, volunteering
Favorite color: Pink
What are you afraid of? Being worthless
Who is your favorite character and why? I love Winnie. He's so cute.
Who is your least favorite character and why? I love all the characters, but I guess Rabbit could use a little lightening up.

Favorite Quote, lyric, or saying and why? "With the sun, we too shall rise." It's something one of my friends says, and it just gives me all this hope whenever I hear it.

What are some of your best qualities? Friendly, clever, tolerant, hard worker
Your worst? Nosy, meddling, overly emotional, overly sympathetic, ruled by my emotions

For this section, please try to pick one or the other, not both!
Optimistic or Pessimistic? Optimistic
Mature or Immature? Mature
Leader or follower? Follower
Outgoing or shy? Outgoing on the outside, though I actually do feel really shy
Act on impulse or think things through? Think things through
Passive or Aggressive? Passive
Hyper, calm, or normal? Hyper

What color do you think relates most to you and why? Gold - it's bright and shiny.

 Your goal in life? I want to help others and make them happy.

If you could become any character from the series, which would you want to be and why? Roo. He's so innocent. It's cute.

If you were in the Hundred Acre Woods, which of the characters would you be most likely to make friends with and why? Probably Kanga, her being the only girl. She's so maternal and cute. :D

Description of your personality: Bright, fun, bubbly, tolerant, caring, guarded

How did you find this community? Though my friend

Anything else? I'm blonde, hazel-eyed, 5'7, and a sophomore in high school.
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